AN-NAWA: Jurnal Studi Islam is a peer reviewed journal, published twice a year by Rumah Jurnal, STAI An-Nawawi Purworejo, Central of Java- Indonesia. It is available online and print. This statement briefly explains the ethical work to all of parties involvid in AN-NAWA including authors, editors, reviewers and Rumah jurnal as the publisher.

Duties of Authors

  1. The authors responsible to only submit an article that is free from plagiarism
  2. The authors must write article on the applicable rules of academic writing
  3. The author should not submitting the same article to more thane one journal concurrently


Duties of editors

  1. An editor evaluate the article for intelectual content without regard to race, gender, citizenship or political of the authors
  2. the editor check the plagiarism before publication
  3. the editors must edit the manuscript to meet the standards of jurnal An-Nawa


Duties of Reviewers

  1. Any articles received for review must be treated as confidential documents
  2. Privileged obtained through peer review must be keep confidential and not used for persoal advantage
  3. Reviewers should be conducted objectively and should be supported by arguments clearly.
  4. Decision for publication or rejection is based upon reviewers recommendation

Duties of Publisher

  1. An-Nawa responsible for privacy, copyright and and intellectual property.
  2. An-Nawa is responsible to publish articles after the process of editing, peer-review and layout